Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meet our Special Needs Expert!

Hi. My name is Cookie Gillespie. I have been a teacher at Congregation Albert for 14 years and a special Education teacher for 34 years. I started out teaching 6th grade when my son, Logan, had 3 teachers that quit. I was a volunteer in the gift shop when I was approached to finish the year out. I couldn’t say no and the rest is history.

I taught 6th grade for 10 year sand loved it and the kids. I made many great friends and continually watch them grow up and become the mensches they were meant to be. One day I was approached again and was asked if I would coordinate special education services for the identified children as well as the unidentified. It is my passion to see that all children are able to succeed at their pace. I have seen how their self-esteem grows with every passing day.

Teaching is a passion that runs in my family. I teach preschool special education at Collet Park elementary school. My husband, Bert, teaches Woods at Sandia High school. My son Logan teaches karate and swimming to special needs children. My daughter, Jackie, assists Logan in his karate classes. We all believe that every child deserves a great education.

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  1. Love you, Cookie. You add so much to all the school has to offer!