Third Grade

End of Year Party Signup at:
Let me know if you/your student have other ideas....

April, 2013 
Where did the year go? 
Tomorrow we will finish up some worksheets from the Mensch handbook. 

Sunday, 4/28 is the last day of "regular class".  Let's plan to have a party!  We will ask your students for ideas tomorrow.  If you have any recommendations, please email or call me.   I will send a "virtual sign up" sheet after class tomorrow. 
I am attaching material we worked on the last couple of weeks.  Hopefully, you were able to see the Hebrew practice your student did and the coloring pages.

I will send a separate email with pictures and videos from Israeli dancing and making matzoh.

Fran Bunker

Good morning:

Here is the lesson plan and handouts from January 20 which we are continuing this Sunday.

We are continuing the mensch handbook, taking care of yourself, re-charging your batteries (the picture frame for drawing) which completed Seeing Yourself As A Mensch.
What we did on January 20th was played Jewish bingo and made human alef bet letters in teams.  See the pictures attached!  This was a challenge and made them think about the letters.

On February 10th, we will be learning Israeli dancing! 

I'm hoping the internet issues have been resolved so we can use the links on the lesson plan for multi-media learning.

I will be on vacation March 4th and will leave a lesson plan for the substitute.  I am considering having the students make matzoh on March 24th.  If you have any ideas or recipes about how this might work (or not!)....let me know.  Also, I will check with Tammy about whether parental supervision if we cook would be okay.

The Rigler-Jernigan family has snack this Sunday.
 Look forward to seeing you and your students on Sunday.
Please let me know of any feedback and suggestions. 
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Fran Bunker

Good Shabbos:

We are continuing the mensch handbook, the focus last week was taking care of yourself, re-charging your batteries (the picture frame for drawing) which completed Seeing Yourself As A Mensch.

We broke up into small groups and looked at our choices, and where we want to improve. 

Our next chapter is Treating Yourself As A, bodies and minds, discipline.

I didn't check who signed up for snack on Sunday....the updated signup sheet is by the door to our classroom.

Enjoy your long holiday weekend.  Look forward to seeing you and your students on Sunday.

Please let me know of any feedback and suggestions. 

January 16, 2013 ~ Boker Tov:

Happy New Year.  Hope everyone had an enjoyable break.  I look forward to seeing your students on Sunday and hear about what was important to them about the "holidays".

Copied below is:

1.  A "rededication" worksheet, worth a shekel for partial or full completion, using words, pictures, magazine clippings...was an opportunity for students to connect the eight candles of re-dedication of the temple to their personal lives and New Year's resolutions

2.  The snack calendar....I will post on the door.  If you have not yet provided snack, please take a day before others sign up for round 2.  We need snack for 1/13, please reply to all if you can fill in this Sunday!

3.  The Ten Commandments Poster....we will pick up this thread for the Cantor's Challenge.

We will resume Seeing Yourself As A Mensch...completing Part Two - "Be A Mensch To Yourself" during January.  We then move to Part Three "Be A Mensch To Others".

Our madrachim will continue the Aleph-Bet so we learn it by end of school year.

We will have a guest in (late Feb/early March) to teach Israeli dancing -- to coincide with Purim.

Please let me know of any feedback and suggestions. 

Fran Bunker


Chag Chanukah Sameach:

We had a blast last Sunday making our own hanukkiyah from recycled material - tiles and nuts.  Your children's individuality and creativity is always amazing to watch.  Picture of class displaying their talents attached.  They shared, helped each other and really enjoyed the background chanukah videos - inspired by the link Mora Tammy sent in last week's school news.

Ask your child if s/he remembers what the acronym Maccabee is from (answer on attached lesson plan).

I promised I would send the links to the videos we listened to - incorporating multi media into the program is engaging the students and holds their attention for a while.

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We are taking a little break from the mensch book instead looking to cull out and recognize mensch behaviors and values, such as using recycled parts.  Although Chanukah is not a torah festival "holiday", it is a cornerstone of this season and we will sing (Ari?), make music (Ian?) maybe dance (Asher????), learn history, do a skit about the Maccabee's and weave the Alef Bet in with decorating a dreidel. 

Speaking of Alef Bet, our madrahim (teacher assistants) are teaching the Alef Bet in sign language also.  Cool video the students really like is from

Be sure to check the wall for the plates we made last month "Seeing Yourself As A Mensch".

Happy Chanukah!

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NOVEMBER  Dear Families of 3rd grade Mensch-kins:

Where did the week go.  Sorry I didn't get this out sooner.....been immersed in a final paper for class at CNM due this week.....

An updated snack calendar in bright pink will be posted today.  Please sign up or email me so we can fill days through February.  If you email me, please provide a preferred AND an alternate date.

Below is a quick recap of what we have covered and what's on deck for time permits, we will continue to learn the Aleph Bet song with sign language thanks to our talented madrahim!

We are slowing down on new material....the mensch plates are about enabling them to absorb and apply what we have learned so far.

I continue to be amazed by your children and their individual strengths, courage and aptitude.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday, safe travels and many blessings.

Sunday, 11-11-12
  • Several volunteers acted out their "mensch-cam" from the previous week.  They acted out scenes or Acts of Mensch-oning from the previous week.
  • We started on our plates for "Seeing Yourself As A Mensch". 
  • No handouts!  (hooray)

Sunday 11-18-12
  • Finish mensch plates
  • Mitzvah Mall
  • Jewish Thanksgiving Blessing - Learn Shehecheyanu
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Sunday, 12/2
  • Make menorahs!  No one in the class has made a real menorah.  I will probably go to Habitat for Humanity and pick up tiles and nuts (hardware).  This will ensure they are fire-proof.
  • Learn Chanukah songs
  • Game, such as pin the tale on Judah - learn about the story and symbols of Chanukah

Sunday, 12/9

Chanukah Craft
Chanukah Songs

OCTOBER Dear Families of 3rd grade Mensch-kins:
Attached are packets with materials we covered Sunday, 10/28 and yesterday, 11/4.  We are starting on Seeing Yourself As A Mensch - self respect - taking care of yourself so you can take care of others.

They are supposed to pretend there is a camcorder inside their head this week recording their actions.  The worksheet is to help them think about this "movie" and review.  Several students volunteered to act out their movie together.  Worksheets are optional, worth a schekel, and can be written, pictures, or even pictures from a magazine.  So, for those students who are not yet confident in their writing.....there are options!

Now - the Mensch Plate template.  This is to prepare them for the plates we will be making on Sunday.  The idea is we divide or share our "slices" between being a mensch to ourselves, those around them and strangers/community.  They need to split their plate into 8 slices (could be more, could be less) and think about actions.

They can think about who and how they will create their plate.  We will glue mirrors so they can "see" themselves as a mensch and hang on the wall in their bedroom.

If you have an extra magazine or two, would you send it along so we have pictures we can cut out and use through the year? 

Thank you!  The Sandman family has snack.  See you Sunday!  

This Sunday,  we talked just a little about levels of tzedakah, for example, if you donate food you don't know who will receive it and the person who receives the food doesn't know who donated it. 

We have moved from mensch choices to mensch actions.  Doing nothing is a choice, but if you don't do something, you are not taking action and that is not being a mensch.

We acted out skits which gave us a chance to work in small groups.  Everyone's imagination, creativity  and personality really shined! 

Thanks to our three madrachim:  Ian, Aryela and Asher!  Their talents, enthusiasm and experience enhance the program, our team and they really connect with your students. 

Hope to see everyone Sunday! 

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Fran Bunker

August 28th -- First Day....So good to meet everyone. 

Please see posted snack calendar for openings and snacks to avoid.  Snack calendar posted on door or you can call or email with updates. 

No homework but please work on Too Many To Menschen Family Worksheet.  Handouts are posted below.

We we did:
    Learning about Tzedakah (handout)
    What does it mean to be a mensch?
    Thinking about menschen in our lives (Too Many To Menschen worksheet)
    How are Tzedakah and mensch related?
    Alef-Bet:  Shin Coloring Page
    Family Worksheet 

Fran Bunker 

5773 School Year Above
5772 School Year Below

August 28, 2011
Today we talked about different situations a mensch would be put in and how they would react.  How to be a mensch is our theme for the year and our textbook is a guide on how to become one.  For the second half of class we started learning how to draw the letters in the Alef Bet.  


I will be starting my Sophomore year at the University of New Mexico this upcoming school year.  I am still undeclared, but I'm almost positive my major will be communications.  This year at Congregation Albert I will be teaching Third grade on Sundays, Fourth grade Hebrew on Wednesdays, as well as Modern Hebrew on Wednesday. I'm very excited to start teaching for the second year consecutive year at CA.  I look forward to getting to know all of your kids and helping them learn and progress throughout the year. 

-Zach Schwartz 

Welcome to the 5772 School Year!!!