Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Roadrunner Food Sorting

Hey Dovya, that's not food...that's a child!
All boxed in

Awwww...so sweet

Vegetables go here...meat goes there...

The three food sorting muskateers

Zach discovered a kid!

Hey there!

We rock!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mitzvah Mall

The PB&J Booth
Mitzvah Mall Madness at the Keshet table
Donating feels SOOOOO good!
Volunteering is FUN!

Learning about local charities

Our trusty cashiers

Making Cards

Journalism during Machon

Taking aim
Say Matzah Ball!

Learning all about cameras

Crawling the halls

Learning at Congregation Albert

There is lots of learning going on at Congregation Albert

Michelle Goffe Memorial Rose Garden Project

K-3rd Grade Family Education Day

Playing Hebrew BINGO

Learning Hebrew in Sign Language

Making a Mizrach...Where is Israel?

Making Spice Boxes...Well, Spice Bulbs!

Israeli Dancing at Machon

Let loose after a core class and get your dance on! Jews can pray AND we can play!

Faculty Learning Together

Dovya and Rona study and learn together in order to impart their knowledge to their students.