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Consecration 2011 

August 28, 2011

We learned how to say happy new year in Hebrew in honor on Rosh Hashanah. The kids made apple print cards for there parents and friends to wish them a sweet and wonderful year ahead.

Hello my name is Randi Bressler and I will be teaching Kindergarten religious school.  I grew up in Marietta, Georgia where I was very active in my synagogue from religious school, to summer camp and even youth group events.  I have been in New Mexico for about nine years and just recently moved down to Albuquerque a little over two months ago.  I am finding my way around and am very excited to begin our journey here at Congregation Albert.
I spend a lot of my time commuting to Santa Fe where I work for Thornburg Investment Management where I do accounting and daily operations for our separate and institutional accounts.  I recently graduated from New Mexico State University with my bachelor’s degree in Applied Studies with minors in Family and Child Science, Business Administration and Psychology. 
Over the past six years I have babysat for one family in Santa Fe and enjoy working with kids of all ages.  I love doing art projects and teaching younger generations new things.  I really enjoy seeing the light on their faces when they reach that moment of discovery.  I am looking forward to this upcoming school year and working with all of your children.  Please feel free to send me and e-mail if you have any questions or concerns about the school year.  I look forward to meeting you this Sunday.
Randi Bressler

Welcome to the 5772 School Year!!!