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Dear 1st grade parents

Shalom Rav

On this past Sunday many kids were absent from our class ( only five kids were present ) . We started to learn about the first portion of the Torah -  "Genesis"  which talks  about how God created the world and about the Holy Sabbath and it's importance ( a day of rest that God blessed ... ).  It will be great if you could repeat these stories to the kids during this week but in any case I am going to repeat them shortly next week for the kids that were missing. 
The next chapter of the Torah is the portion of  "Noah" which talks ( among other things ) about animals and about their care,  therefore I asked the kids  ( if they want to share with us..)   to bring their favorite toy animal or to tell the class about their pets and how they take care of them -  so ,  please don't forget to remind your kid about it .
As part of learning about Noah's Ark, I am planning to let them paint and use watercolor…  so I really hope they are going to have lots of fun while learning !!
I wish you all a GREAT  WEEK and all the best. 
See you soon,

First Grade Class Schedule

9:30 – 10   T’filah

10 – 10:30 My Weekly Sidra Activities

10:30 – 10:45  Recess

10:45 – 11 AM – Snack and Storytime

11:00 - 11:15 – Celebrate Jewish Holidays

11:15 – 11:45 – Art Activity

11:45 – 12 Pm - Ruach

Dear 1st grade parents
Shalom Rav,

First I want to thank you all for your care and patience. 

Last Sunday 8/28 we were joined by a new kid named Josh -  Welcome Josh to our class!!! I want also to thank Greta's parents for providing us with such great healthy snacks this past Sunday. 

Every time we meet on Sundays, we have one hour and 45 min. to spend together ( 10:00-11:45). At 11:45 the kids are leaving the class room to go to the main chapel for "Ruach".  While they eat snack I read them a story that related to the lesson I teach in class. Last Sunday 8/28 I read them the book "Sammy Spider's First Rosh Hashanah" while the Sunday before, I read the book "Sammy Spider's First Day Of School" . The kids are listening to the stories quietly, asking questions and seem to like it. Here is the time to ask - that if you have other books to recommend about the Jewish holidays or books that related to the Torah stories, please do so.

In general, every week we will try to cover a lesson of the weekly " Parashah" which is a different chapter of the "Torah" that is read at the Synagogue's services that same week.  We will use "My Weekly Sidrah" book which provides the kids with a lesson and simple activities that related to the "Parashah". Every child will have her/ his own book to work on in class. The kids will not take these books home - this way, they will not forget to bring them back to class the next week. 

This past Sunday they brought home a copy of a "Parashah" lesson called "Shoftim" ( Isaiah left his copy in class- he will bring it home next time) , this "Parashah" is read towards the end of the Jewish year ( also towards the end of the Torah book ) so most of the kids were not familiar with Moses or the Tablets. As you know, right after the holidays the Torah book will be read all over again and we will start as well with the first "Parashah" of "Bereshit"  ( Genesis).  

This past Sunday we also discussed about "Rosh Hashanah" holiday and got familiar with some of the customs of this special day. You can help enforcing what we learned in class by asking them questions like what kinds of food we eat and why ( apples and honey, pomegranates or other sweet things) ,what is a "Shofar" (ram's horn) and why we are using it for.. see how much they remember. Tell them that I am going to ask these questions in class next time and who ever knows the right answer will get "Shekel" coins. Any way, we will learn more about it as this holiday approaches.    

On our next class meeting, Sunday 9/18 we will work on "Nitzavim" and "Va- yelekh"  chapters, I will also teach more about the beginning of the year from the book "  I Can Celebrate the Jewish Holidays"  and we will make our own greeting cards for "Rosh Hashanah", although I am not sure we will be able to finish them the same day ( in case we won't finish it , we will do it the next time we meet).

If you have questions or concerns let me know by email or phone:

Tel:  892-5563
See you all next time
L' hitraot

My name is Hava Tiger- Callahan, and I was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel.   I got my bachelor degree at "Betzalel  Academy Of Art " -  ceramic design department, in Jerusalem and since then I have been working  as a self imployed artist.
I have moved to N.M about 12 years ago and have a son who was born here, got his B'rit Milah at Congregation Albert building and  Now he is a 6th grade student at the Hebrew school as well. 
We are members of this congregation for 4 years now and I have been working previously as a sub teacher in the Hebrew school.
This year I am going to be your child's 1st  grade teacher and I am very excited and looking forward to meet you all on this coming sunday.   If you have any concerns about your child please let me know and I will do my best to help.

See you all on Sunday

Kind regards,